The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 26, 1883

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Apr 26, 1883 The weather continues cold and raw. Went up to the Academy and looked at all the pictures. There is much there which is careless and slovenly in execution showing in a marked degree the influence of foreign schools. Too many young painters setting out in this vicious manner with no respect for careful, painstaking study while on the other hand a few work with something like respect for their subject among them Ulrich in a marked degree laying the foundation for future excellence. I met Emma Brace in 5th Avenue and arranged with her to go up to Dobbs ferry on Wednesday afternoon next. Worked a little on the Evening and I think have done all to it I can. Wrote to Fuller to come and see it. He has sent my "Clearing up" back to me to do something to it. He is very difficult to satisfy simply because he does not know when a picture is done. I see nothing in the world that I can do to it. Calvert and I called on Mrs Taylor in her new home in 30th St. It seems a very nice little house but she is not at all well and I fear it will be a responsibility to her.

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