The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 20, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, Apr 20, 1883 A showery morning. Mary went to Alpine. I had my ladies lunch. Mrs. Weir, Lily French and Clara Grable came. It is four years since I have seen Lily. She seemed as she always did only a little tempered I thought by the years. I enjoyed their visit and apparently they did. They were obliged to go immediately after lunch. After they went I painted on the evening picture. Fuller came in in the midst of it. He seemed to be pleased with it. I hope I can get it to his liking. He wanted me to meet him at Ortgies gallery at half past five to look at a picture which is to be sold tonight, which I did. I advised him not to buy it as it was meretricious. After dinner called at Joe Cornells. He was out but I saw his wife. After a little she took me up stairs to see the wedding presents of their daughter, a room full of every thing. As we were coming down stairs we met Joe coming up. He did not see me at first and said, "Whats all this. I thought you had gone to bed and put out the lights." If he had been a suspicious man he might have as they say "fired me out". We had a good laugh about it. They took me into their new dining room, really a fine room and I staid until half past 9 when I went up to Eastmans. Found them at home. Mrs Johnson went off to a reception and he and I talked on Art matters until nearly 12 when I came to my room.

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