The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 6, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, Apr 6, 1883 Went up to Eastman Johnsons to see a head he painted yesterday and which he wanted me to see. It was very fine and strong. Saw Mrs. Enos portrait, very rich and fine in the accessories. He is very busy and has more than he can do but he says he works like a dog and has no recreation and apparently does not have a better time than I do. Mrs. Pinchot came in while I was there. I came to my studio and painted a while on the sky of one of my pictures, when Julia Dillon came in and asked me to go over to Hoboken to call on the Cooks with her which I did. We only saw Mrs Pychouskas daughter the ladies having gone out. It was a warm spring like day with a grey sky. In the evening went to Dalys Theatre with Mary, Marion & Julia to see "3.20.8" which was very amusing with Lewis and Ada Rehan. Stopped in at Maillards and cooled ourselves with an ice.

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