The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 5, 1883

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Apr 5, 1883 A warm pleasant day, almost the first one. Paid some bills. Sent Fullers picture home yesterday and today he sent me a check for it. It is pleasant to have money coming in again and delightful to be able to pay bills which seems a great part of the satisfaction in life. Worked on my Indian Summer and have it about done. The frame came today. The picture is another thing and I feel a thousand dollars richer for what I have done to it which is a great satisfaction. Mary came home from Rondout yesterday. She is always cheery and encouraging. A meeting of the Century trustees this evening at which the Newton affair came up in a most disagreeable form. He means to fight and has Mr. Chas. Tracy to conduct his case, who as an old member of the club takes a very hostile position. A committee of Oakley, Nash and Marbury was appointed to investigate the case to report to the trustees. Eastman and I talked until after midnight and then he did not want to go. We walked over together and it was one oclock when I went to bed.

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