The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 2, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Apr 2, 1883 I had a little conversation with my father and told him how troubled I am about our prospects. He says we will get along but does not tell me how. I have not his faith that things will take care of themselves [?] still my plans to not seem to amount to much. [?] man who is to build the water works here has [?] to my father twice to see if I will sell my house [?] once he called at my studio a few minutes after I left for home. He is to call at my studio again tomorrow. Wrote Sam Coykendall a note telling him this and that I should offer him the same terms I had offered [?]. I presume he will think I do this to influence [?] to come to a decision. Calvert advised me to do it. [?] Downing and I took a walk out on the Commons [?] dinner and he and I came down by the 5.16 train. [?] felt badly to bid Gussie good bye and so did she. Her [?] with my mother will be a great trial to both of [?] and Mary too is coming home on Wednesday. I do [?] know how Sara is to get along. She and Mary had [?] thinking of a plan for Mary to take the management [?] the house this summer and to have all her family and the Booths and Harry Donaldson. This will entirely upset the whole household but we must do something and I told Sara I would make no objections although I cane see very grave difficulties. Calvert and I went to the Century and had some supper. Bradford came and told me he had Earl Grosvenor at the Academy on Sunday and that he thought he would buy my large picture, but why has he not done it. I cant have much faith in it while I hope it may come to pass. He says $20,000 worth of pictures have been sold in two days but none of mine are among the sales.

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