The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 30, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, Mar 30, 1883 Snowing violently when I went to breakfast. This being varnishing day I went up to the Academy. Most of the Artists were strangers to me, the day was dark and dismal and my pictures looked poor and unsatisfactory. The Uplands in Autumn is hung in the dark Sculpture room and is completely lost. I hoped this would be a saleable picture but now I do not expect to sell it. My larger picture "An Autumn Memory" is hung in the large room on the North side, my October in the West room above the line and my "Wintry River" in the East room on the line. This looked very well to me and so did my larger picture but the other two were disappointing. I could not help the feeling that times have changed since my pictures were a feature of the exhibition. A crowd of young men have come up since but I look in vain in their work for the spirit which seemed to animate the older artists. The fact is I came away with a most discouraged feeling which the stormy day I presume had something to do with. In the hall near my room I met John Henry Hill looking very forlorn and apparently waiting for some one. It was I confess with an effort that I invited him in but although he is not interesting to me I feel sorry for him. He staid an hour and I talked with him. He is very solemn and most difficult to entertain. After he went I took up my Indian Summer picture which I had in the last Academy exhibition and which I am convinced is on too low a key, and I painted it all over a great deal lighter, working hard until nearly six oclock when I felt pretty well exhausted. I hope to make a more agreeable picture of it. Spent the evening at the house with Calvert glad not to be obliged to go out. Received a note of apology from the Managers of the American Art Gallery for having been overlooked in the invitation to the Reception at the opening of the American Artists Exhibition. Gave Calvert my study of the Natural Bridge which he has always liked.

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