The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 26, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Mar 26, 1883 A sad and anxious feeling possesses me. My mother too feels depressed and I try to cheer her which in my own depressed condition it is difficult to do. The Presbyterian minister Mr. Magee whom Sara invited to come and see my mother came today. My mother seemed to feel she ought to see him but I could see it was a trial to her and she wanted us to be present. My father, Sara and I were there. He sang some simple hymns for her, read some selections of scripture and made a prayer, doing the best which a kind and gentle nature dictated to him, but all the while I could not help a feeling that it was only saddening her. She needs no solemn talk, but rather cheerful topics, but she seemed to think it her duty and so I did not in any way oppose her wish. She seemed excited and her cheeks were flushed and I know it did her no good. I dont believe much in these conventional consolations. Joe and Gussie arrived in the midst of it from the Cove. Downing and I took a walk in the afternoon out to the tunnel and along the track to Jacobs valley and home across the fields. In the evening He, Sara and I attended the Bachelors ball at Music Hall Kingston. It was a very pleasant affair for the young people and entirely successful but I was glad when it was over. A ball is a poor place for me who does not dance.

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