The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 23, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, Mar 23, 1883 The weather remains cold and wintry. I worked on my Indian Summer picture but with poor success. I have no cheerful or restful thoughts. All my communings with my interior self are of anxieties and gnawing cares. It should not be so with an artist. He ought to so live that material worries should be kept at bay. But who knows how to live wisely? George Sand was appalled at the sum of human distress, and who is not who stops to consider it. The daily tragedies in the newspapers, the poverty, the humiliations and the shame, why is it all permitted. "Why is it" she asks. "God alone can tell, He who has made man so slowly progressive, and who could have made him so intelligent and more powerful for good than for evil." A Mr. Curtis of the Union League Club called to see me about a picture which the records of the club indicate they bought of me. I explained that it was bought but the Art Committee having been criticised for it I released them. Calvert and I called at Lockwood DeForests in the evening.

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