The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 16, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, Mar 16, 1883 Fuller from whom I had a note came about 11 oclock. To my great satisfaction he was greatly pleased with the picture and wished me to order a frame for it. Showed him his other picture which I am painting on and he approved what I am doing. Wanted me to go with him down to Cyrus Butlers office in Cliff St. to see a picture by a German artist which he liked. Butler was not in but we were shown to an upper room where the picture hung. It was simply vile, and I told Fuller I wouldn't have it if it were given to me. It was a moonlight of the feeblest and most conventional type and did not rise to dignity even of being vicious, it was simply weak. The price of it was $2000. Fuller did not propose to buy it but he thought of sending him an order to paint a smaller one for about $500. It might seem cruel in me to prevent his getting this order which I most assuredly did, but Fuller relied on my opinion and I was not going to shrink from giving it. I was glad enough Butler was out. We came back to my room where we had lunch. The day was gone by this time. I am relieved that the picture is sold even at a low price. When I got back I found the name of a Mr. Whitney from Springfield on my door and I did not know whether it might not be in connection with my picture there. Called on my Aunt Christina in the evening and on old Mrs. Booth. About ten went to the "Zig Zags" at the American Art Gallery where we had a jolly time until 2 oclock. Some of Kyles performances were capital, particularly an Irishman president of an Irish society who made a speech on "Education". The usual fun and jollity prevailed.

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