The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 14, 1883

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Mar 14, 1883 Awoke with a bad feeling in my head which lasted all day. Still I painted all day and at last I think I have finished Fullers picture. Now it remains to be seen whether he will take it. He is very peculiar and may want me to make lots of alterations. I wrote to Gill that I had a study of the picture I had in his exhibition which I thought as good as the last one which I would sell for $300 or if he could sell it for that he might return me $250 and would send it to him if he thought he could sell it. My Franklin smoked so badly that I got Dan to help me take it down and take the piece of piping of the flue which was put in for the stove. It seems to have cured the smoking. Calvert and I called at [?] Henri [?] and saw him and his wife and Mrs. Holden.

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