The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 3, 1883

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Mar 3, 1883 A letter from Booth dated Berlin Feb. 6 two days after Downing and Julia sailed. He speaks in a kind of despairing and somewhat critical manner of Downing, of his apparent indifference. I think Edwina has grown morbid upon the subject and this is not to be wondered at, and this reacts upon him. A miserable paragraph appeared in the World yesterday taken from a Berlin correspondent of a St. Louis paper in which it is stated that Miss Booths Fiancee had met with this calamity and that having joined them he had no recollection of the engagement and that it was doubtful if he would ever recover. It troubles Calvert and all of us so that this morning the world looks very dark and sad to me. Painted on my picture, but I am so full of anxieties that I have no heart in my work. Went to the Monthly meeting of the Century instead of going home, as the question of the removal of the Club to 38th St. was to be discussed. A very full meeting of about 300 lasting until 11 oclock when a ballot was taken and the measure was defeated by three or four votes just as it was with a smaller attendance a month ago. I think this puts the subject of removal at rest for some time. I dined with Eastman Johnson and we went down to the meeting together. It was evening when I came to my room.

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