The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 25, 1883

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Feb 25, 1883 Gussie and I went over to Girards and spent the evening last night. Mr & Mrs. Wadsworth, Mr & Mrs. Philips & Mrs Barron, Nannie and Ettie were there. It snowed when we came home. Girard did not put in an appearance for which I was sorry. Maurice did not come home either which is always significant. It rained and has rained all forenoon ceasing about noon. After dinner Downing and I walked up to the new depot and from there along the track clear through the tunnel to the end of the bridge. An immense amount of work has been done since I was there last. The cutting is practically done. Men were at work on the masonry at the end of the bridge at the mouth of the tunnel. The middle span of the bridge will not be put up until the ice goes out the creek. We came home across the Common. I finished reading Fanny Kembles "Recollections of a Girlhood" which has been a great satisfaction to me. I feel as though I had been in the society of a noble and interesting women. She impresses me as a woman of great frankness of character joined to a judicious reticence, a women I would like to have known, her letters as a girl of 22 show great maturity of judgment, not without enthusiasm but never gushing or sentimental, the kind of character which is most charming to me. Indeed what a charm there always is in sincerity of character. Her judgments of other women and other actors is always sweetened by sympathy and charity. I am glad to know her through this delightful book.

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