The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 20, 1883

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Feb 20, 1883 Awoke with a bad feeling in my head and did not attempt to work. Wrote to Sara. Also to Annie Lee to whom [?] the little study of the picture Sam CoyKendall bought of [?] the birches with a female figure. Wood came in and talked about new members of the Artists Mutual Aid Society. Wilmurt came and told me of two men who he hoped might buy one of my pictures. Eastman came to see me. Had burned his right hand and was disabled. Had got my note and had been up to see them about the picture. Told them he would take $1250 for it which seems to me a large price but as he seems to intend me to have half the proceeds I do not object. No news yet of the Dorian [?] Julia and Downing on board. All the vessels arriving [?] been detained by boisterous weather. Mary is sick on [?] with a Carbuncle on her breast. Called at the Platts. [?] was at the Century. Jack had just started for California. Mrs. Platt not very well and expecting to go to Florida.

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