The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 19, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Feb 19, 1883 Went down town and had my hair cut. After dinner Gussie, Sara, Mary with her two children Girard & Charlie and I took a sleigh ride. A bright & sunny day. Called and got Nannie and went by the Roa-tina, by [?] Livingstons and home under the hill. In places the fields were bare but the sleighing was good, a little [?] in places from the warm sunshine, but it was a lovely [?] Got home in time to go to the 6.16 train, riding over [?] in the stage and reached N. Y. at 9. Found here a note from the American Art Association asking me if the picture painted by me and Eastman Johnson "The children in the Wood" were for sale. Replied that Johnson had the disposition of it and referred them to him.

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