The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 18, 1883

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Feb 18, 1883 Colder and everything covered with ice. I took a walk out to the view and came home through the cemetery past my dear Gertrudes grave, "where all of her that time can wither, sleeps." Sometimes I wonder if it would not be better to try to forget this spot, where I know she is not; but how impossible. I read in Fanny Kembles Recollections of a Girlhood, a charming book to me. She has what to me was so charming in dear Gertrude, a great admiration for lovely women and she has the happy faculty of presenting them to her readers as she saw them in all their attractiveness. I am reading three interesting books just now, "Historie de ma vie" of George Sand, Froudes History of England & Fanny Kembles book. What a new and wide world of interest books open to us. Dear Gertrude used to say "I can always lose myself in a book" Gussie and I read Fanny Kemble aloud to my mother who enjoys it greatly.

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