The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 9, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, Feb 9, 1883 A letter from Booth from Berlin Jan. 25. Saddens and discourages me. Downing and Julia are on their way home. I judge Downing is not improving much and Booth now sees what a mistake it was to send him across the Atlantic only to send him back again in mid-winter. Some things in the letter I cannot understand but I will not judge hastily. Booth has been too good a friend to doubt or question hastily. Calvert and Mary are greatly distressed particularly as Downing went entirely against the better judgment of both of them. I wrote to Booth and endeavored to explain and to show him how reluctant we all were to have Downing go. I went down to Bowyers office and saw him. He had sent a statement of the money transactions to Julia but feared she would have sailed before it arrived and it would therefore be sent back but he told me to tell him he would sent it to him in that case. There was a notice of my picture in the Springfield Republican in which it was called the best landscape in the collection. Calvert and I went to Van Wersts party consisting mostly of artists. He has a full house and a studio on the top story where he shows a medallion of fighting centaurs. The party was very pleasant. There were a few ladies which I think added to the pleasure of the occasion.

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