The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 26, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, Jan 26, 1883 Have felt distressed, worried and most unhappy today about my affairs. What a slave we are to our temporal needs. If I were only absorbed in an interesting picture. Have tried to design a picture and have an idea for one which I sketched in, but I do not feel sure of it. Church called. He looked ill to me. He has every thing except health, greatest of all possessions. Lockwood DeForest called. Am in hopes I may get at work again and sink my anxieties in my work. Calvert and I went this evening to the private view of the Water Color Society. They seem to have a very interesting exhibition and such a crowd of artists, very few of whom I know. My large picture October is hung in a capital place near the centre of the large gallery on the line. My smaller one is in the East gallery a little above the line but in an excellent place. I am very fortunate I think. My picture came back from Atlanta today to my great disappointment for I had every reason to think it was sold. I was depending on that money and it disappoints me greatly. My two pictures went to Springfield today "The Uplands in November" and "Shadows of Autumn".

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