The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 23, 1883

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Jan 23, 1883 Very cold. 8 degrees below zero. The sun shone brightly and I could not work on my picture. Calvert and I walked down to the post office and around by the Point road home. We had to rub our ears to keep them from freezing. It clouded up a little afternoon and I painted again on the picture until dinner time at 3 oclock. After dinner I packed my picture as carefully as I could to bring to N. Y. The ferry boat made her last trip last night as the ice is strong enough to cross on. Tom drove us over on the ice. Mary, Sara, and Calvert came along and they all returned. Came down in a cold car. Mr. Smith and I and one other man had it all to ourselves. The train was delayed half an hour and I did not reach my room until 10 oclock. Found a letter from Alice in which she tells me that her father has suddenly lost his sight. The oculist tells him that they are internally inflamed and that one of them will probably never be better. This is very sad news. Coming here to my room alone, hearing this, and thinking of my dear mothers helpless condition and the struggles of our daily life makes me feel very sad and lonely. At such times no words can tell how I miss my dear Gertrudes sympathy and love. Still I have had and still have much to be grateful for. My visit home with my sisters was most satisfactory notwithstanding my mothers helpless condition and indeed when I look about me I see no one who has more cause for gratitude to the Great Giver of all good than I. Wrote to Alice.

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