The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 1, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Jan 1, 1883 This is the first New Year I have spent in New York for many years and I regret I am not at home where I know they are expecting me. Came to my room and went to work on a little picture for Beard in exchange for one he gave dear Gertrude many years ago. Saw Calvert and Emma Brace came in. I invited them to stay to lunch which they did and we had a very pleasant time indeed. They left about 2 o'clock and I finished the little picture which I have shown to Beard and which he likes very much. So begins a New Year. While each day we actually begin a New year there is still something very impressive in the end and the beginning of these accepted subdivisions of our lives. I start with no new vows or resolutions but with a fervent hope that I may be diligent, truthful and able to resist temptation in whatever form and to have the courage and the will to live up to my ideal of a true life. After dinner I went around to the club and wrote to Mrs. Sawyer and to Lucy. Calvert and I made a New Year call on Aunt Christina and on old Mrs. Booth. Mrs Booth had received a letter from Edwin in which he said he had telegraphed to Downing in Liverpool and had received an answer from him.

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