The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 8, 1882

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Nov 8, 1882 The morning was cloudy and threatening. I went over to my studio and worked all forenoon. After dinner the day turned out so beautiful that I took a walk over on the Vlightbergh where I made a pencil sketch, and around over the hills above the far cement quarries and home through North Rondout. Notwithstanding the lovely day I have had a restless dissatisfied feeling, and a sense of irritation. Sara and I called on the Washburnes (The Episcopal clergyman) in the evening. Clevelands majority is now said to be 180000! I am glad it has been a crushing defeat. Nothing less would have opened the eyes of the wire pullers and Bosses, whose reign now is at an end I hope.

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