The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 22, 1882

Diary Entry:

Monday, May 22, 1882 Dismantled my room today preparatory to having it cleaned tomorrow. Carried the pictures out and all the small articles which I wiped off carefully. There seems no end of the things in this room. I got rid of some things which were of no value but still which had some associations connected with them. It costs me a pang to destroy anything I ever had with which dear Gertrude is even remotely connected but I find it is better gradually to put some of these things out of my sight. The room looks bald and bare tonight and not at all like our room. I dont see how people live in bare rooms and yet so many things are a great care. It has rained at intervals but has been warm, so warm that I put on my summer under clothes. I have had to look over many of dear Gertrudes personal belongings, her shawls and her bonnets. I found the Buffalo moths had got into some of the things. I feel less melancholy than I feared I would and as I almost invariably do on coming home in the spring. It is because I am busy and have a Western trip to look forward to. It is necessary to have some engrossing object in life. I am in hopes we can make a sale to Sam CoyKendall and if we can it will be a great relief to me and will give me a feeling of independence to which I have long been a stranger. The Powell made her last regular trip for the season and came in tonight at 8.30.

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