The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 16, 1882

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Apr 16, 1882 A beautiful day. Julia, Downing, Edwina and I went over the cemetery and I planted against the headstone at dear Gertrudes grave the sweet brier I got last Sunday at Steep rocks, silently dedicating it with sweet and loving remembrances of her I loved so dearly, sleeping below. It almost always makes me very sad to go there. In the afternoon Downing, Edwina, Julia and I took a ride out on the Greenkill road looking for arbutus and across to Lucas Turnpike. We found only a few flowers. It is too early. There were clouds of dust and it was not pleasant riding. All are exercised about Joe's sudden determination to send Laura to England with Julia and the Booths. My father looking very weak at breakfast but better later in the day. He seems so feeble that I cannot help alarm when he is ailing. Called down at John McEntees. Remarkable electrical display in the North, very grand and impressive.

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