The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 25, 1882

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Mar 25, 1882 Longellow died yesterday. The Tribune, Times and Herald have the usual gloomy, discouraging comments on the Academy. One would think chaos had come again to read them. But we have to expect this. After all it don't influence people much. Worked until 3 o'clock when I went up to the Academy and met Miss Nesmith and her younger sister with whom I went about the galleries for a couple of hours when I came back to my room and dressed myself for the Academy reception this evening and directly after dinner went up there. There was the usual crowd and the usual social success of the occasion and after it was over went to the Century. Met Pumpelly there who has invited me to go west with him this summer over the Northern Pacific road as far as the Pacific. I told him I would like to go and will if I possibly can as I will be at no expense for transportation and subsistence. I will need a little money and if I can manage it will go.

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