The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 22, 1882

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Feb 22, 1882 Painted on my Humboldt picture changing the foreground and greatly improved it. My frame came and the picture looks very well in it and I feel more encouraged about it. Have not heard from home today and so I hope my mother is at least no worse. Received a letter from Weir in which he takes occasion to say he fears I am growing tired of him. I dont think he would have written but for a matter of business. I hardly know how to reply but I confess I do not feel the freedom with him I once did. I dare say it is as much my fault as his. I think I am too sensitive and then I cant sympathise with his notions of art which he seems to have adopted lately. His pictures are bad to me and he thinks them good. I think he is going astray and he thinks he has discovered new things and that makes an embarassment. Calvert and I called on the Goddards.

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