The Jervis McEntee Diaries - October 13, 1876

Diary Entry:

Have painted today but not with much satisfaction. Charles Elliott called. Have not seen him in many years. He has grown old but remarked to me that I have not changed at all. He has not been a successful man. Tried too many things and from having been independent once I fancy now is dependent upon writing. As I said to Hubbard today "Men may come and Men may go, but we artists go on in our old way forever". Had a letter from Gertrude delighted at the thought of my coming home tomorrow. Called up to see Lily McEntee at Fred Nortons who is down on a visit after her long illness. Met Mr & Mrs. Curtis Freds sister. Called on Hicks this morning to confer about a protest by the Committee of Selection regarding the bad faith of the Centennial authorities. He wanted me to draw one up which I have done and sent to him to consider telling him I would try to see him Monday or Tuesday.

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