The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 12, 1876

Diary Entry:

Yesterday was a dull day with occasional rain. I painted a little sketch but did not succeed very well. I have got my easel down now and my materials all arranged and hence forth I mean to try to give my mind to my Art until I go to New York. At times I am full of worries and foreboding but I fight against them as well as I can. Miss Odell left today, and a friend of Sara's a Mrs. Anderson arrived but left again this evening. Mr. Ten Brook called to see about giving the Belschazzar this winter. Had a nice letter from Eastman Johnson and am delighted to hear that he is coming to town about the middle of October. I immediately wrote him a long letter full of gossip and all about my trip to N.Y. The weather is cool and Autumnal.

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