The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 10, 1876

Diary Entry:

Wrote to Rachel Carle several days ago asking her how she would like to be housekeeper in an Artists family. Heard from her yesterday from Bloomington, Ill where she is attending to her sick brother Charlie. Thinks she would be willing to undertake it, so I mentioned it to Eastman Johnson yesterday, whose family I had in view and he was rather favorably impressed with the idea and said he would confer with his wife at the first opportunity. Gertrude dined at Miss Hitchcocks without me and later in the evening we went to Prof. Roods where we met a number of our friends and spent a very pleasant evening. Mrs. Stoddard was there and made herself very obnoxious to Mrs. Prof. Joy by telling her she was living beyond her means and that she could not afford such dresses and such style. Mrs. Joy had the good sense not to notice it. It is painful to me now to meet the Stoddards.

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