The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 1, 1876

Diary Entry:

Went up home on Saturday with the 11 oclock train and Saturday night went with Gertrude to the rehearsal of Esther in which she takes the leading part. Had one of my bad headaches, but swallowed a half bottle of champagne which helped but did not cure it. Sunday was a lovely day. Like one of the finest Roman Winter days, no snow, not even on the mountains but a clear brilliant air and tenderness of color that reminded me of Italy. Came down Monday morning. Sam Coy Kendall rode with me on the drawing room car and we talked all the way down. Went out and bought some autotypes for John McEntee. When I came back Girard was here. Nicoll came in and told me he had sold my little water color out of the exhibition for $150. There was a favorable notice of it in the Tribune. Called to see Gifford & Hubbard. Gifford dined with me. Told me of the pecuniary misfortunes of his family and how he had had to let them have all his money to keep them from failing. What a noble self sacrificing fellow he is when the proper time comes to demand his help. Went to the Council in the evening where we staid until 11 o'clock talking and discussing various things. The air is always bad there and it is invariably too hot and the next day I always feel badly as I have today. Have done no work today. Time frittered away. Went to see the water colors. Came back and Girard came in. Nailed a lot of canvases to stretchers. Had a talk with a model on her mode of life. Advised her to go to housework. Mrs. Platt & Miss Cheney called. Attended a meeting of the Centennial committee at 4 1/2 [?] at which H. K. Brown was present for the first time. Spent the evening at Eastman Johnsons. We went into his studio to see some little sketches of the arrangement of his Sugar picture. A. T. Stewart has twice spoken to him about it and told him he would come up and look at his designs when he was ready for him. It rained very hard when I left and in the night it fairly poured.

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