The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 21, 1876

Diary Entry:

Went to the private view of the Artists Fund on Monday evening at the Kintz Gallery. Could not help noticing how much more its members are ready to do for it than the Academicians are for the Academy. Thursday evening Gifford dined with me and we went to Mr. Bryants reception. It rained and there was not a large company there but it was very enjoyable. Yesterday Mrs. Wilson came to see her picture. She seemed very much pleased with it and left the framing of it to me. Last night Greene, Shattuck and I went to talk over the Academy constitution. We agreed on all important points. Ward was not present and our meeting was informal. Took a long walk this morning. The weather is fair and brisk but not cold. Girard called and Calvert also.

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