The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 22, 1875

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Dec 22, 1875 Ran about doing lots of errands. It has grown warm again. Met Nett Sterling in the street today. They sail for Europe today. Painted a little on a water color but it dont go well. Downing came to dinner and Fred Norton also. I expected John McEntee but he did not come. Fred Norton bought a little picture of me to give Annie for a hundred dollars less than my price. Mr. Hoe was in to see me. I am quite sure he wants my picture I painted last spring the "Autumn Idyl". He admires it very much and was very complimentary about my pictures. I have agreed to take back a picture 18x28 I painted three years ago and paint him a new one for which he may pay me any thing additional he pleases, but I think eventually he will like the larger one if some one does not buy it meanwhile. Had a capital letter from Weir this evening. He is one of the real Artists.

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