Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Dept. records, 1839-1962

A Finding Aid to the Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Department records, 1839-1962, in the Archives of American Art, by Jean Fitzgerald

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Funding for the digitization of this collection was provided by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

Table of Contents:

Historical Information

Charles Scribner's Sons was founded as a publishing partnership of Isaac D. Baker and Charles Scribner in 1846. The company set out to discover and publish the work of new American authors. The first work to be published was The Puritans and Their Principles by Edwin Hall, followed by many theological treatises, and the first bestseller, Napoleon and His Marshals by the Rev. J. T. Headley.

After Isaac Baker's death in 1850, Charles Scribner continued to direct the company which was primarily known for its books on religion. In the mid-1860s, Scribner published an American version of German author Johann Peter Lange's Biblical Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. Co-published with T. and T. Clark of Edinburgh, the resulting twenty-six volume work was both a commercial and critical success. Almost a century later, the two publishing houses again collaborated on a revision of Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible.

In 1865, Charles Scribner and Company expanded its range into magazine publishing with the quasi-religious Hours at Home that promoted the virtues by which Americans were supposed to live. In 1870 a new firm, Scribner & Company, was formed to publish a successor magazine entitled Scribner's Monthly. The magazine thrived and began to attract young American writers.

Charles Scribner died of typhoid in Lucerne, Switzerland on August 26, 1871, leaving the business to his eldest son, John Blair Scribner. In 1873 Scribner & Company launched a children's periodical, St. Nicholas, under the editorship of Mary Mapes Dodge, with Frank R. Stockton as assistant editor. The magazine brought many now-classic books to the publishing firm and established it permanently in the field of children's literature.

The 1870s saw the growth of the subscription book department. In association with Messrs. Black of Edinburgh, Scribners brought out the first American edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, selling 70,000 sets. In later years the subscription department published library sets of the works of well-known authors including J. M. Barrie, Henry James, Rudyard Kipling, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Its successor, the reference book department, became the foremost American publisher of reference works such as the Dictionary of American Biography, the Dictionary of American History.

In 1875, Charles Scribner II joined his brother, John Blair Scribner, and other partners, Edward Seymour and Andrew Armstrong, in the firm. Seymour died in 1877, and Armstrong sold his share to the Scribner's in 1878, leaving the book publishing company wholly controlled by the Scribner family. The name was changed to Charles Scribner's Sons. John Blair Scribner died in 1879, leaving his brother to manage the business.

In 1881 one of the outside partners, Roswell Smith, bought up enough stock to acquire individual control of Scribner & Company, the magazine company. Thus, Scribner's Monthly and the children's magazine St. Nicholas passed entirely out of the hands of the Scribner family. The remaining owners were reincorporated as the Century Company and Scribner's Monthly was renamed the Century Magazine. Charles Scribner's Sons agreed to stay out of the magazine publishing business for five years.

Charles Scribner II was joined by his younger brother, Arthur Hawley Scribner, in 1884, and during their almost fifty year partnership, they focused the company's business on publishing American literature. The publications of this period include Frances Hodgson Burnett's Little Lord Fauntleroy, Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventure of Robin Hood, and Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses. A popular series of books, "Scribner Illustrated Classics" became famous for their illustrations by Howard Pyle, Jessie Willcox Smith, N. C. Wyeth, and other members of the Brandywine school. In 1889, Henry Adams published his History of the United States in nine volumes.

Following the five-year moratorium on magazine publishing, the firm re-entered the magazine market and introduced the new Scribner's Magazine in December 1886. Under its original editor, Edward L. Burlingame, the magazine grew into a profitable enterprise and was an important venue for new authors, including Edith Wharton, who would follow their magazine debuts with many successful books. By the turn of the 20th century, Scribner's had virtually cornered the market in American literature and was enjoying a golden age of American book publishing. During this period, authors included Henry James, Theodore Roosevelt, and Elizabeth Wharton. In 1913, Charles Scribner III joined the firm.

During the 1920s, many important new authors were published, including James Boyd, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Ring Lardner, and Thomas Wolfe. In 1928, Charles Scribner II turned over the presidency to his younger brother Arthur, who began the publication of the first volumes of the Dictionary of American Biography. Charles Scribner II died in 1930 and Arthur Scribner died two years later, leaving Charles Scribner III to preside alone. In spite of the Depression, Charles Scribner's Sons continued to promote new authors including Taylor Caldwell, Marcia Davenport, Nancy Hale, and Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. During the 1930s a separate children's department was established by Alice Dalgliesh. In 1937, Scribner's Magazine folded after fifty years of publication. The Dictionary of American History was published in 1940.

Charles Scribner III died suddenly in 1952, necessitating the relocation of Charles Scribner IV from his employment as a cryptoanalyst in Washington, D.C. to take charge of the firm in New York. He established the Scribner Library, a line of quality paperbacks that included the titles The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the Night, The Sun Also Rises, and Ethan Frome. Scribner also set out to develop fields of non-fiction such as history, biography, how-to books, and reference works including the Album of American History, and the Dictionary of Scientific Biography.

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Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents

The records of the Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Department measure 7.0 linear feet and date from 1839 to 1962. The records of the department include original art works, photographs, scattered letters, and miscellaneous printed material reflecting the portraiture and other illustration work completed in support of the wide range of materials and topics published by Charles Scribner's Sons over the company's long publishing history.

Arrangement and Series Description

The collection is organized into 3 alphabetically-arranged series. Oversized material from all series have been housed in Box 7 (Sol), Box 8 (Sol), and OVs 9 - 12. Notations for the oversized materials are noted at the appropriate folder title with see also/see references

Subjects and Names

This collection is indexed in the online catalog of the Archives of American Art under the following index terms:

  • Berger, William Merritt, b. 1872
  • Designers--Great Britain
  • Illustrators--Great Britain
  • Photographers
  • Photographs
  • Portrait painters--New York (State)--New York
  • Scribner's Monthly
  • Sculptors--France
  • Sketches
  • Works of art


The Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Department records were donated in 1957 and 1958 by Charles Scribner's Sons.

Separated and Related Materials

Additional Charles Scribner's Sons Art Department files are in the Archives of Charles Scribner's Sons, 1786-2003 (mostly 1880s-1970s), at Princeton University Library, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, identified as Series 2. Art Department Files, 1907-1951, and comprise correspondence and department printing records (on cards) for selected Scribner publications. See Princeton's finding aid for the collection at

How the Collection was Processed

The papers were processed in March 2006 by Jean Fitzgerald. The collection was digitized in 2010 with funding provided by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

How to Use the Collection

Restrictions on Use

Use of original papers requires an appointment.

Ownership & Literary Rights

The Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Department records are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.

Available Formats

This site provides access to the records of the Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Department in the Archives of American Art that were digitized in 2009, and total 5259 images.

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Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Department records, 1839-1962. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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Detailed Description and Container Inventory

Series 1: Portrait Files, 1839-1962, undated

These files primarily contain portraits of historic individuals from ancient times through the first half of the 20th century. Many are original drawings, prints, and paintings by various artists including Otto Bacher, Carroll Beckwith, William Merritt Berger, Jay Norwood (Ding) Darling, James Montgomery Flagg, Valerian Gribay�doff, Lydia Hess, Sid Hydeman, William L. Metcalf, Waldo Peirce, George T. Tobin, and Elisabeth Louise Vig�e Le Brun. Portrait photographs by notable photographers include Elizabeth of Belgium by Keturah Collings, Carolus Duran by Nadar, and John Galsworthy by Arnold Genthe.

Several files contain additional related photographs and printed material, including photographs of the homes of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Captain Cook, Goethe, Sir Francis Seymour Haden, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Victor Hugo, Jean-Fran�ois Millet, Samuel F. B. Morse, Napoleon, Captain Ernest Peixotto, Ernst Renan, John Ruskin, William Makepease Thackeray, Martin Van Buren, George Washington, and William Wordsworth.

Additional photographs depict the death masks of Robert Burns and Felix Mendelssohn; Kaiser Wilhelm on army maneuvers; ceremonies marking the bicentennial of the death of Racine; and Frederic Remington with colleagues Richard Harding Davis, Stephen Bonsal, and Caspar Whitney. There is also a letter from John Lockwood Kipling discussing sketches of India.

This series has been scanned in its entirety.

Box Folder
1 1 Unidentified Subjects, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 2 Abigail Smith Adams; Hannah Adams; Henry Adams, undated
1 3 J. T. Adams, undated
1 4 John Adams, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 5 John Quincy Adams; Samuel Adams, undated
1 6 Joseph Addison, undated
1 7 Madame S.A.R. Adelaide; Gustavus Adolphus, undated
1 8 Louis Aggasiz, undated
1 9 Carl Ethan Akeley; Alaric; Duke of Alba; Duke of Albemarle, undated
1 10 Dr. Heinrich E. Albert; Prince Albert, undated
1 11 Louisa May Alcott, undated
1 12 H. M. Alden, undated
1 13 Thomas Bailey Aldrich, undated
1 14 Vittorio Alfieri, undated
1 15 King Alfonso XIII of Spain; King Alfred; Ethan Allen; Edward Alleyn, undated
1 16 William B. Allison, undated
1 17 Lawrence Alma-Tadema, undated
1 18 Cardinal Antonelli; Antoninus Pius; Thomas Aquinas; Aulo Licinio Archias; Archimedes, undated
1 19 Sir Edwin Arnold; Matthew Arnold; Sophie Arnold; Thomas Arnold; King Arthur; Stanley M. Arthurs; Count of Artois, undated
1 20 Lord Ashburton; Clifford Ashley; Lady Ashley; Ashur-Nasir-Apal; Attila, undated
1 21 Emile Augier; Augustus Caesar; Jane Austen; Alfred Austin; William Austin; Anne of Austria, undated
1 22 H. Baass; Maltbie Davenport Babcock; Johann Ambrosius Bach; Johann Sebastian Bach; Philipp Emanuel Bach; Wilhelm Friedmann Bach, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 23 Sir Francis Bacon, undated
1 24 Newton D. Baker; Samuel Baker; Marcus Balbus, the Elder; Marcus Balbus, theYounger; Nonius Balbus; Arthur James Balfour, undated
1 25 Honor� de Balzac, undated
1 26 Aaron Bancroft, undated
1 27-28 George Bancroft, undated
(2 folders)
1 29 Lucretia Bancroft; A. J. Barnow; Elizabeth Barry, undated
1 30 Frederic A. Bartholdi, undated
1 31 Antoine Louis Barye; Rev. Richard Baxter; Ren� Bazin, undated
1 32 Daniel C. Beard, undated
1 33 G. T. Beauregard; Rev. G. T. Bedell; Beethoven, undated
1 34 Alexander Graham Bell, undated
1 35 Alva Smith Belmont; Caroline Perry Belmont, undated
1 36 Jacinto Benavente, undated
1 37 Wladyslaw Theodore Benda, undated
1 38 Egbert Benson; Thomas Hart Benton; Dr. George Berkeley; Thomas Bertram; Bernardo Bini, 1931, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 39 Reginald Birch, undated
1 40 Bjornstjerne Bjornson, undated
1 41 Richard Doddridge Blackmore, 1903-1904
1 42 Admiral Blake; William Rufus Blake, undated
1 43 Blanche, undated
1 44 Robert Blum, undated
1 45 Anne Boleyn; Commodore Bolton, undated
1 46 Charles L. Bonaparte, undated
1 47 Muirhead Bone; Daniel Boone; Nicolas Boileau-Despr�aux, undated
1 48 St. John Bosco; Jacques Benigne Bossuet; Matthew Boulton; Boyd, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 49 Johannes Brahms; Prof. Charles A. Briggs; Charles Brockden Brown; David Brown; Rev. John Brown; Sir Thomas Browne, undated
1 50 Robert Browning; Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1899, undated
1 51 William Cullen Bryant; James Buchanan; John Bunyan; Henry Burbeck; Edmund Burke, 1880, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 52 Edward Burne-Jones, undated
1 53 Frances Hodgson Burnett, undated
1 54 David Hudson Burnham, undated
1 55 Robert Burns, undated
1 56 Aaron Burr; Sir Richard F. Burton, undated
1 57 Benjamin Franklin Butler, undated
1 58 Charles Butler, undated
1 59-60 George Gordon Noel (Lord) Byron, 1924, undated
(2 folders)
1 61 George Washington Cable, undated
1 62 Julius Caesar, undated
1 63 M. Callaghan; V. F. Calverton; John Calvin; Duchess of Cambridge, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 64-65 Thomas Carlyle, 1839, undated
(2 folders)
1 66 Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot; Jacques Cartier; Dr. Edmund Cartwright; Catherine de Medici; Catherine of Aragon; Catherine of Russia, undated
1 67 Benvenuto Cellini, undated
1 68 Miguel de Cervantes, undated
1 69 Thomas Chalmers; Chantilly, undated
1 70 Charles Shepard Chapman, undated
1 71 Charlotte Charke, undated
1 72 Charlemagne, 1930, undated
1 73 Charles I, undated
1 74 Charles II, undated
1 75 Charles V; Charles X; Charles XII of Sweden, undated
1 76 Queen Charlotte; Lord Chatham; Geoffrey Chaucer, undated
1 77 Anton Chekhov; Earl of Chesterfield; Fr�d�ric Chopin; William Dougal Christie; Winston Churchill, undated
1 78 Colley Cibber; Theophilus Cibber, undated
1 79 Cicero; Cincinnatus; Earl of Clarendon, undated
1 80 Henry Clay, undated
1 81 Cleopatra; Robert Clive; Fran�ois Clouet; Clovis, undated
1 82 Jacques-Nicolas Colbert; Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Admiral Coligny; Prince of Cond�; Confucius; Roscoe Conkling, undated
1 83 Benjamin Constant, undated
1 84 J. H. Constant, undated
1 85 Constantine; Captain Cook; Sir Eyre Coote; Copeland; Copernicus; Corbulon, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
1 86 Giles Corey; Barry Cornwall; Charles Cornwallis, undated
1 87 Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, undated
1 88 Royal Cortissoz, undated
1 89 Mrs. Unwin Cowper, undated
Box Folder
2 1 Kenyon Cox, undated
2 2 Archbishop Cranmer; Elizabeth Cromwell; Henry Cromwell, undated
2 3 Oliver Cromwell, 1899, undated
2 4 Richard Cromwell; Suydam Cutting; Georges Cuvier, 1935, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 5 Dagnan-Bouveret; J. D'Alembert; William Dampier; Dr. Leopold Damrosch, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 6 Jay Norwood (Ding) Darling, 1928-1962, undated
2 7 C. Darress ?, undated
2 8 Alphonse Daudet, undated
2 9 Thomas Davidson, undated
2 10 Davies; Charles Belmont Davis, undated
2 11-16 Richard Harding Davis, 1897-1912, undated
(6 Folders; oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 17 Monsieur De Calonne; John Deere; Demosthenes; Descartes; Hernando De Soto; Charles Henri-Hector D'Estaing; Pedro de Valdivia; Robert Devereux, undated
2 18 E. M. de Witte; Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin, undated
2 19 Charles Dickens, undated
2 20 Edward Dickinson; Benjamin Disraeli; Austin Dobson; William Dobson, undated
2 21 Sir Francis Drake; John Dryden, undated
2 22 George Du Maurier; W. W. Duncan, undated
2 23 Peter Finley Dunne, undated
2 24 Joseph Fran�ois Dupleix, undated
2 25 Carolus Duran, undated
2 26 Timothy Dwight, undated
2 27 Elizabeth I of England, undated
2 28 Elizabeth of Belgium, undated
2 29 Elizabeth Shippen Green Elliot, undated
2 30 Ralph Waldo Emerson; Erasmus; King Ethelbert; Empress Eug�nie; Edward Everett, undated
2 31 Sir Thomas Fairfax; Michael Faraday; Admiral David G. Farragut; Faustina, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 32 Ferdinand of Spain; Jules Ferry; Henry M. Field; George P. Fisher, undated
2 33 Harrison Fisher, 1911, undated
2 34 F. Scott Fitzgerald, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 35 Mrs. Fitzherbert, undated
2 36 James Montgomery Flagg, undated
2 37 General Fleetwood; Peter Fleming; Fran�ois Fournier-Sarloveze; C. J. Fox; John Franklin, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 38 W. A. Fraser, undated
2 39 Frederick I (Barbarossa); Frederick the Great; Martin Frobisher, undated
2 40 A. B. Frost, undated
2 41 James Anthony Froude, undated
2 42 Gainsborough; Galileo, undated
2 43-47 John Galsworthy, undated
(5 folders; oversized items housed in Box 7, OV 11)
2 48 Gambetta; George III; George IV; Gerard, undated
2 49 Jean-L�on G�r�me, undated
2 50 Sir Humphrey Gilbert; Christoph Willibald Gluck, undated
2 51-53 Goethe, 1886-1907, undated
(3 folders)
2 54 Edmund de Goncourt, undated
2 55 George Goodspeed; Charles George "Chinese" Gordon; Gracchi Brothers; James Graham; Charles Gravier, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 56 Alice Gray; Effie Gray; George Gray; Sophie Gray; A. W. Greeley; S. W. Green, undated
2 57 Kate Greenaway, undated
2 58 Sir Thomas Gresham; Edvard Grieg; Countess Guiccioli, undated
2 59 Guizot, undated
2 60 Guttenberg; Nell Gwynne, undated
2 61 Sir Francis Seymour Haden; John Hales; Nancy Hall, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 62 John Hampden, undated
2 63 George Frederick Handel; Hannibal; Thomas Hardy; William Harvey; Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins; Sir John Hawkins, undated
2 64 Nathaniel Hawthorne, undated
2 65 I. T. Hening; William Ernest Henley; Henry of Guise, undated
2 66 Henry IV of France; Henry IV of Germany; Henry VII of England; Henry VIII of England, undated
2 67 Patrick Henry; Friedrich Herbart; George Herbert, undated
2 68 Hercules, undated
2 69 Oliver Herford; Augustine Herrman; William Herschel; Maurice Hewlett, undated
2 70 Malvina Hoffman, undated
2 71 William Hogarth; Henry Edward, Lord Holland; J. G. Holland; Oliver Wendell Holmes, undated
2 72 Thomas Hood; Richard Hooker; George Hudson, undated
2 73-74 Victor Hugo, undated
(2 folders)
2 75 King Humbert of Italy, undated
2 76-78 James Gibbons Huneker, undated
(3 folders)
2 79 Governor Hunt; Holman Hunt; Leigh Hunt; John Huse of Bohemia; Constantin Huygens, undated
2 80 William Ralph Inge, undated
2 81 J.A.D. Ingres; General Henry Ireton, undated
2 82 Washington Irving; Queen Isabella of Spain, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
2 83 Andrew Jackson, undated
2 84 James I of England, undated
2 85 John Jay; Jeanne d'Arc; General Joffre; King John of England; Sir George Johnson; Senator M. Johnson; M. E. Borough Johnson; Samuel Johnson, undated
2 86 Inigo Jones; John Paul Jones; Ben Jonson; Empress Josephine; Dr. Joule, undated
2 87-88 Kaiser Wilhelm, undated
(2 folders)
2 89 John Keats; A. I. Keller; Lord Kelvin; Bishop J. M. Kendrick, undated
2 90 Johannes Kepler; Erasmus D. Keyes; Captain Kidd; Alonzo Kimball, undated
Box Folder
3 1 John Lockwood Kipling, 1897
3 2 Rudyard Kipling; Jean-Baptiste Kleber, undated
3 3 Louis Aston Knight, undated
3 4 Louis Kossuth, undated
3 5 Jean de La Fontaine; Jean de La Marck; Lamartine; Charles Lamb, undated
3 6 General Lambert; Richard Landor; Laplace; William Laud, undated
3 7 Francis de Laval; Antoine Lavoisier; Sir Thomas Lawrence; John Leech; Robert Le Gallienne, undated
3 8 Lord Frederick Leighton, undated
3 9 Le Verrier, undated
3 10 J. C. Leyendecker, undated
3 11 Wilhelm Liebknecht; Abraham Lincoln, undated
3 12 Franz Liszt, undated
3 13 Bata Kindai Amgoza Ibn Lo-Bagola; John Locke; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; King Louis Philippe, undated
3 14 Louis XIII; Louis XIV; Louis XV; Louis XVIII, undated
3 15 Will Low; James Russell Lowell; Mary Lowney, undated
3 16 Ignatius Loyola; Martin Luther, undated
3 17 Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay; Niccolo Machiavelli, undated
3 18 Alexander Mackenzie; David Maclise; Marshall MacMahon; Magellan, undated
3 19 H. Van Buren Magonigle, undated
3 20 Nicolaus de Malezieu; Charles Manigault; Alexander Manzoni; Marat, undated
3 21 Maria Theresa; Princess Marie of Holland; Queen Marie; Jean Marion; Michael de Marolles, undated
3 22 Karl Marx, undated
3 23 Mary I of England; Mary of Orange, undated
3 24 Mary, Queen of Scots, undated
3 25 A.E.W. Mason; Massena, undated
3 26 Jules Massenet; Cotton Mather; Cardinal Mazarin, undated
3 27 William Gibbs McAdoo, undated
3 28 Isaac McKeever; Philip Ainsworth Means; Cosimo de Medici; Etienne Henri M�hul; Melanethon; Mlle. Melba, undated
3 29 Felix Mendelssohn, undated
3 30 George Meredith, undated
3 31 Lucien Metivet; Jacob Meyerbeer, undated
3 32 Michelangelo; Sir John Millais, undated
3 33 William Miller; Jean-Fran�ois Millet, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
3 34 Richard Monckton Milnes; John Milton, undated
3 35 King Mindon; The Kinwun Mingye, undated
3 36-39 Donald G. Mitchell, 1902, undated
(4 folders)
3 40 S. Weir Mitchell, undated
3 41 George A. Moffitt, 1938
3 42 Moli�re; Theodor Mommsen, undated
3 43 Edward Montagu; Marquis de Montcalm; Baron de Montesquieu; Albert Moore; Henry More; Sir Henry Morgan; Lewis Henry Morgan, undated
3 44 William Morris, undated
3 45 Samuel F. B. Morse, undated
3 46 Ignaz Moscheles, undated
3 47 William Sidney Mount, undated
3 48 Hermann Mueller; Jules Muenier, undated
3 49 Benito Mussolini; Modest Mussorgski, undated
3 50 Abdel Nader, undated
3 51-61 Napoleon Bonaparte, 1913, undated
(11 folders)
3 62-63 Napoleon III, 1839, undated
(2 folders)
3 64 Nefritete; Lord Nelson; Nero, undated
3 65 Cardinal John Henry Newman, undated
3 66 Sir Isaac Newton; Marshal Ney; Nicholas, Emperor of Russia; Meredith Nicholson; Nostradamus, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
3 67 Alfred Noyes, undated
3 68 Oberhardl, undated
3 69 Tomas O'Crohan, undated
3 70 Odysseus, undated
3 71 Jacques Offenbach; Mrs. M. O. W. Oliphant; W. Q. Orchardson; Abraham Ortelius; Sean O'Sullivan, 1880, undated
3 72 Johann Palestrina; Lord Palmerston; Panku; Mary Panton, undated
3 73 Sir Gilbert Parker, undated
3 74 Francis Parkman, undated
3 75 Robert E. Peary and Mrs. Peary, undated
3 76 Sir Robert Peel, undated
3 77-78 Captain Ernest Peixotto, undated
(2 folders)
3 79 Edward Penfield, undated
3 80 William Penn; Joseph Pennell; Stanley Pennell; Hugh, Earl Percy; Peter the Great of Russia; Peter the Hermit; Petrarch; King Philip; Philp of Burgundy; Philip II of Spain; Philip IV of Spain, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
3 81 Franklin Pierce, undated
3 82 William Pitt the Elder; William Pitt the Younger; James K. Polk; Marco Polo, undated
3 83 Alexander Pope, undated
3 84 Pope Gregory I; Pope Gregory VII; Pope Leo X; Pope Paul III; Pope Pio Nono; Pope Pius VII, undated
3 85 Countess Potocka; Cora Urquhart Potter; J. Poynter, undated
Box Folder
4 1 William Hickling Prescott; May Wilson Preston; Pierre Joseph Proudhon; William Prynne; Alexander Pushkin, undated
4 2 Howard Pyle, undated
4 3 John Pym; Pythagoras, undated
4 4 Quarles; A. T. Quiller-Couch, undated
4 5 Fran�ois Rabelais; Jean Racine; Sir Walter Raleigh, 1899, undated
4 6 John Randolph; General John A. Rawlins, undated
4 7 Marjorie Kinnon Rawlins, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
4 8 Madame Recamier; Regulus, undated
4 9 Frederic Remington, undated
4 10 Ernst Renan, undated
4 11 Paul Revere; Sir Joshua Reynolds, undated
4 12 Louis Rhead, undated
4 13 Richard I; Richard III; Samuel Richardson, undated
4 14 Cardinal Richelieu; James Whitcomb Riley; George Ripley; Lady Ripon, undated
4 15 Frederick Sleigh Roberts; James Robertson; Robespierre, undated
4 16 Auguste Rodin, undated
4 17 John Rogers; Samuel Rogers; Roland; M. Georges Roland; King of Romania; W. S. Rosecranz, undated
4 18 Mrs. Rossetti and Miss Christina Rossetti; Otto Roth, undated
4 19 Jean Jacques Rousseau; Theodore Rousseau; Peter Paul Rubens; Anton Rubinstein; Prince Rupert, undated
4 20-24 John Ruskin, 1897, undated
(5 folders)
4 25 Charles Russell; Martin Rutter; Admiral de Ruyter, undated
4 26 Richard Sackville; Russell Sage; Camille Saint-Sa�ns; Antonio Salieri; Lord and Lady Salisbury, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
4 27 George Sand, undated
4 28 Dr. R. Sanderson, undated
4 29 John Singer Sargent, undated
4 30 Savanarola, undated
4 31 Alessandro Scarlatti; Sir George Scharf; Johann Hermann Schein; Schiller; F.E.D. Schleiermacher, undated
4 32 Franz Schubert, undated
4 33 Heinrich Sch�tz; Peter Schuyler, undated
4 34 Sir Walter Scott, undated
4 35 Segatini; Ludwig Senfl; Michael Servetus; Joseph Severn, undated
4 36 Samuel Sewall; William H. Seward; Lady Jane Seymour; Ludovico Sforza; Robert Shackleton, undated
4 37 Shakespeare, undated
4 38 Commodore Thompson Shaw ; Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley; Percy Bysshe Shelley, undated
4 39 General Philip H. Sheridan; John Sherman; Stuart Sherman; William Tecumseh Sherman, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
4 40 Sir Philip Sidney; Lydia Huntley Sigourney; Benjamin Sillimen, undated
4 41 John Sloan, undated
4 42 Adam Smith, undated
4 43-46 F. Hopkinson Smith, 1908, undated
(4 folders)
4 47 Henry Smith, undated
4 48 Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, undated
4 49 John Hanning Speke and James Grant; Edmund Spencer; George John Spencer; Herbert Spencer, undated
4 50 Laurence Stallings; Miles Standish; Arthur Penrhyn Stanley; Stanwyck?, 1928, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
4 51 Richard Steele, undated
4 52 Beatrice Stevens; Frank R. Stockton; Marian Storm, undated
4 53 William Wetmore Story, undated
4 54 Thomas Stothard; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Richard Strauss, undated
4 55 Igor Stravinsky; Charles Stuart, undated
4 56 Henry Stuart; Henry Benedict Stuart; James Stuart, undated
4 57 Mary Stuart; Alexander McCormick Sturm; Thomas, Earl of Surry; Jonathan Swift; Algernon Charles Swinburne; J. A. Symonds; Count Szechenyi, undated
4 58 Tallyrand; Richard Tarlton; Carl Taussig, undated
4 59 Annie R. Taylor; Sir Henry Taylor; Jeremy Taylor; Tom Taylor; Zachary Taylor, undated
4 60 Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky; William Tell, undated
4 61 Alfred Lord Tennyson, undated
4 62-69 William Makepeace Thackeray, 1903-1945, undated
(8 folders)
4 70 Theodorich; Theseus; Am�d�e Thierry; Adolphe Thiers; M. Thiers; Henry David Thoreau; Matthew Thornton, undated
4 71 Albert Thorwaldsen, undated
4 72 George Ticknor; Tippoo Sultaun, undated
4 73 Leo Tolstoy, 1928, undated
4 74 Trajan; E. J. Trelawney, 1895, undated
4 75 Paul Troubetzkoy, undated
4 76 Commodore Truxtun, undated
4 77-79 Ivan Turgenev, undated
(3 folders)
4 80 Turgot; John Tyler, undated
4 81 Niccolo da Uzzano; Marguerite de Valois, undated
4 82 Martin Van Buren; Van der Werff; Henry Van Dyke; Sir Henry Vane, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
Box Folder
5 1 Elihu Vedder, undated
5 2 Thomas Verderber; Giuseppe Verdi; Jules Verne; Paul Veronese, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
5 3-4 Victoria, Crown Princess of Germany, undated
(2 folders)
5 5 Daniel Vi�rge, undated
5 6 Barbara Villiers; George Villiers, undated
5 7 Fran�ois Villon, undated
5 8 Alexander Volta; Voltaire; Harry Von Arnim, undated
5 9 Hans von B�low; Prof. von Helmholtz; General Von Hindenburg, undated
5 10 Alexander von Humboldt, undated
5 11 Wilhelm von Humboldt; Marie von Rum�nien, undated
5 12 M. Waddington, undated
5 13 Richard Wagner; Martin Waldseemuller; Robert Walker; Sir William Walker, undated
5 14 Sir William Waller; Robert Walpole; Izaak Walton; Mrs. Humphrey Ward, undated
5 15 Olin Levi Warner, undated
5 16 Lord De La Warr; Samuel Warren, undated
5 17-18 George Washington, undated
(2 folders)
5 19 William Watson; James Watt, undated
5 20 G. F. Watts, undated
5 21 Isaac Watts; Frederick Judd Waugh; Daniel Webster, undated
5 22 Thurlow Weed; Duke of Wellington; H. G. Wells; King Wenceslas, undated
5 23 Lord Sackville West; Christina Weston; Governor General Weyler; Earl of Wharncliffe, 1940, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
5 24 Edith Wharton, undated
5 25 Walt Whitman; Caspar Whitney; Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, undated
5 26 John Greenleaf Whittier; Wiclif; William Wilberforce, undated
5 27 Irving R. Wiles, undated
5 28 Queen Wilhelmina; Rev. William Willett; William the Conqueror; William the Silent; William II of Nassau, undated
5 29 Emperor William I of Prussia, undated
5 30 Miss Willis; Edmund Wilson; John Winthrop, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 7)
5 31 Friedrich August Wolf; James Wolfe, undated
5 32 Thomas Wolff, undated
5 33 William Wordsworth, undated
5 34 Sir Henry Wotton; W. Wycherley, undated
5 35 N. C. Wyeth, undated
5 36 Ahmedi Xani, undated
5 37 Jack B. Yeats; William B. Yeats, undated
5 38 F. C. Yohn; Thomas Young; Count of Zinzendorf; Emile Zola, 1903, undated
5 39 Anders Zorn; Ulrich Zwingle, undated
7 (sol) Oversized Drawing of Unidentified Man by Francisca Bolles, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F1)

7 (sol) Oversized Photograph of Charcoal Drawing of "George" by John Singer Sargent, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F1)

7 (sol) Oversized Photograph of a Bust of John Adams, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F4)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of H. Baass by Francisca Bolles, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F22)

7 (sol) Oversized Ink and Charcoal Drawing of Thomas Bertram by Lydia Hess, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F38)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of Boyd by K. S. Woerner, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F48)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of Boyd by an Unidentified Artist, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F48)

7 (sol) Oversized Engraving of William Cullen Bryant, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F51)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of V. F. Calverton by Francisca Bolles, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F63)

7 (sol) Oversized Color Pencil Drawing of the Duchess of Cambridge by George T. Tobin, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F63)

7 (sol) Two Oversized Etchings of Copeland by D. C. Sturges, undated

(Scanned with Box 1, F85)

7 (sol) Oversized Red Chalk Drawing of Suydam Cutting, 1935

(Scanned with Box 2, F4)

7 (sol) Oversized Pencil Drawing of Dr. Leopold Damrosch, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F5)

7 (sol) Oversized Block Print of Richard Harding Davis, 1912

(Scanned with Box 2, F11)

7 (sol) Oversized Photograph of a Painting of Admiral David G. Farragut, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F31)

7 (sol) Two Oversized Charcoal and Ink Drawings of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Francisca Bolles, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F34)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of Peter Fleming by Francisca Bolles, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F37)

7 (sol) Oversized Photograph of John Galsworthy by Arnold Genthe, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F43-47)

7 (sol) Three Oversized Photographs of John Galsworthy by Unidentified Photographers, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F43-47)

7 (sol) Oversized Ink Drawing of John Galsworthy, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F43-47)

7 (sol) Oversized Block Print of John Galsworthy, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F43-47)

7 (sol) Oversized Conte Crayon Drawing of Charles George "Chinese" Gordon by George T. Tobin, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F55)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of Nancy Hall by Francisca Bolles, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F61)

7 (sol) Oversized Photograph of Lithograph of Washington Irving, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F82)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of Jean-Fran�ois Millet by Carroll Beckwith, undated

(Scanned with Box 3, F33)

7 (sol) Oversized Ink Drawing of Meredith Nicholson by McKee, undated

(Scanned with Box 3, F66)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of Joseph Pennell by Elizabeth Horton, undated

(Scanned with Box 3, F80)

7 (sol) Oversized photograph of charcoal drawing of Stanley Pennell by Elizabeth Horton, undated

(Scanned with Box 3, F80)

7 (sol) Two Oversized Ink Drawings of Marjorie Kinnon Rawlins, undated

(Scanned with Box 4, F7)

7 (sol) Two Oversized Color Pencil Drawings of Lord and Lady Salisbury by George T. Tobin, undated

(Scanned with Box 4, F26)

7 (sol) Oversized Copy Photograph of General Philip H. Sheridan and Generals George A. Custer, Thomas C. Devin, James W. Forsyth, and Wesley Merritt, undated

(Scanned with Box 4, F39)

7 (sol) Two Oversized Block Prints of Stuart Sherman, undated

(Scanned with Box 4, F39)

7 (sol) Oversized Red Chalk Drawing of Laurence Stallings by McNerney, 1928

(Scanned with Box 4, F50)

7 (sol) Oversized Charcoal Drawing of Henry Van Dyke by Walter Appleton Clark, undated

(Scanned with Box 4, F82)

7 (sol) Oversized Pencil Drawing of Thomas Verderber, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F2)

7 (sol) Oversized Pencil Drawing of Christina Weston by Waldo Peirce, 1940

(Scanned with Box 5, F23)

7 (sol) Oversized Ink Drawing of Edmund Wilson, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F30)

OV 12 Oversized Charcoal Drawing of John Galsworthy by Stevenson, undated

(Scanned with Box 2, F43-47)

Series 2: Illustrator Files, 1878-1921, undated
1.5 Linear feet; Box 5-6, 8, OV 9-OV12;

These files contain both original and reproductions of art work that is not portraiture. The file for unidentified artists includes ink drawings of Civil War soldiers, a tempera painting for the cover of Boot Straps: Autobiography of Tom M. Girdler, and an oil painting for A Child's Garden of Verse. There is original art work by Otto Bacher, Lowell LeRoy Balcom, Wladyslaw Theodore Benda, Carl Michel Boog, Paul Bransom, S. R. Burleigh, George Carlson, Carl Cobbledick, A. R. Dugmore, G. W. Edwards, Walter H. Everett, John Fulleylove, William St. John Harper, O. Herford, Arthur E. Jameson, J. E. Kelly, Charles R. Knight, M. Jean McLean, E. J. Meeker, E. C. Peixotto, Victor S. Perard, J. Campbell Phillips, Shipley, Sarah S. Stilwell, Jack Van Ryder, George Varian, H. D. Williams, and N. C. Wyeth.

This series has been scanned in its entirety.

Box Folder
5 40 Unidentified Artists, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 41 Edwin Austin Abbey, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 42 S. M. Arthurs, undated
5 43 Otto Bacher, 1896
5 44 Lowell LeRoy Balcom, undated
5 45 Wladyslaw Theodore Benda, undated
(Oversized items housed in OV 12)
5 46 Reginald Birch, undated
5 47 Carl Michel Boog, 1921
(Oversized items housed in OV 9)
5 48 Paul Bransom, 1920, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 49-53 S. R. Burleigh, 1900, undated
(5 folders)
5 54 George Carlson, undated
(Oversized items housed in OV 9)
5 55 Carlton T. Chapman, undated
5 56 William Appleton Clark, undated
5 57 Carl Cobbledick, undated
(Oversized items housed in OV 10)
5 58 George Cruikshank, undated
5 59-61 A. R. Dugmore, 1900
(3 folders)
5 62 G. W. Edwards, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 63 Walter H. Everett, 1916
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 64 Florian, undated
5 65 A. B. Frost, undated
5 66-71 John Fulleylove, undated
(6 folders)
5 72 Charles Dana Gibson, undated
5 73 Gordon Grant, 1903
(Oversized items housed in OV 10)
5 74 Vaughn Gray, undated
(Oversized items housed in OV 10)
5 75 Haberstock, undated
(Oversized items housed in OV 10)
5 76 William St. John Harper, 1896, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 77 O. Herford, undated
5 78 Will James, undated
5 79-80 Arthur E. Jameson, undated
(2 folders; Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 81 John, undated
(Oversized items housed in OV 10)
5 82 J. E. Kelly, 1878
5 83 Charles R. Knight, 1900-1901
(Oversized items housed in OV 11)
5 84 M. Jean McLean, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 85 E. J. Meeker, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 86 E. C. Peixotto, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 87 Victor S. Perard, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 88 J. Campbell Phillips, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 89-90 Howard Pyle, undated
(2 folders)
5 91 Hy Reuterdahl, undated
5 92 Shipley, undated
5 93 Jessie Willcox Smith, undated
5 94-101 Sarah S. Stilwell, undated
(8 folders)
5 102 Thorpe, 1906
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 103 Jack Van Ryder, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
5 104 George Varian, 1918, undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
Box Folder
6 1 I. W., undated
(Oversized items housed in Box 8)
6 2-4 H. D. Williams, undated
(3 folders; Oversized items housed in Box 8)
6 5-7 N. C. Wyeth, 1910, undated
(3 folders; Oversized items housed in Box 8)
6 8-9 F. C. Yohn, undated
(2 folders)
8 (sol) Two Oversized Ink Drawings of Civil War Soldiers by an Unidentified Artist, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F40)

8 (sol) Oversized Tempera Painting for the Cover of Boot Straps: Autobiography of Tom M. Girdler by an Unidentified Artist, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F40)

8 (sol) Oversized Oil Painting for A Child's Garden of Verse by an Unidentified Artist, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F40)

8 (sol) Four Oversized Photographs of Murals by Edwin Austin Abbey, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F41)

8 (sol) Two Oversized Ink and Watercolor Illustrations by Paul Bransom, 1920, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F48)

8 (sol) Oversized Ink Drawing by G. W. Edwards for the Cover of Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F62)

8 (sol) Oversized Oil Painting "Spanning the Continent by Rail" by Walter H. Everett, 1916

(Scanned with Box 5, F63)

8 (sol) Two Oversized Ink Drawings of the Aftermath of the Johnstown Flood and of the City Hall in Richmond by William St. John Harper, 1896

(Scanned with Box 5, F76)

8 (sol) Two Oversized Ink Drawings of Civil War Scenes by Arthur E. Jameson, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F79-80)

8 (sol) Three Oversized Watercolor Paintings by M. Jean McLean, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F84)

8 (sol) Two Oversized Ink Drawings of the Peace Palace in The Hague and of Wall Street in the Seventeenth Century by E. J. Meeker, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F85)

8 (sol) Oversized Ink Drawing of a Building in San Antonio by E. C. Peixotto, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F86)

8 (sol) Two Oversized Ink Drawings of Civil War Scenes by Victor S. Perard, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F87)

8 (sol) Four Oversized Ink Drawings of Civil War Scenes by J. Campbell Phillips, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F88)

8 (sol) Oversized Etching of Old Trinity Church by Thorpe, 1906

(Scanned with Box 5, F102)

8 (sol) An Oversized Sheet of Pencil Drawings of Mexican Images by Jack Van Ryder, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F103)

8 (sol) Three Oversized Ink and Watercolor Drawings for Treasure Island by George Varian, 1918, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F104)

8 (sol) Oversized Ink Drawing by I. W. for The Hero in America by Dixon Wecter, undated

(Scanned with Box 6, F1)

8 (sol) Five Oversized Ink Drawings for the Child-Lore Dramatic Reader by H. D. Williams, undated

(Scanned with Box 6, F2-4)

8 (sol) Oversized Ink Drawing by N. C. Wyeth for Portrait of a Philosopher by Dorothy Canfield, 1910

(Scanned with Box 6, F5-7)

OV 9 Three Oversized Watercolor Drawings by Carl Michel Boog for the "How It Came About Stories,," 1921

(Scanned with Box 5, F47)

OV 9 Oversized Ink Drawing by George Carlson for Stately Timbers by Rupert Hughes, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F54)

OV 10 Oversized Ink Drawing by Carl Cobbledick for the Cover of White Sails Crowding, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F57)

OV 10 Oversized Ink and Gouache Painting of a Civil War Scene by Gordon Grant, 1903

(Scanned with Box 5, F73)

OV 10 Two Oversized Ink Drawings of Maps of Custer's Last Stand by Vaughn Gray, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F74)

OV 10 Oversized Ink Drawing by Haberstock for The Last Puritan by George Santayana, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F75)

OV 10 Oversized Watercolor Drawing by John for Richard Pryne by Cyril Harris, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F81)

OV 11 Five Oversized Tempera Paintings by Charles R. Knight for The World of the Great Forest, 1900-1901

(Scanned with Box 5, F83)

OV 12 Three Oversized Charcoal Drawings by Wladyslaw Theodore Benda, undated

(Scanned with Box 5, F45)

Series 3: Miscellaneous Reference Files, 1933-1952, undated

These files contain original art work, photographs, and printed material concerning miscellaneous reference topics. The files concerning Ancient Art and The Bible contain portraits of various saints and historic individuals and photographs of historic sites.

The New York City file includes early photographs of the Scribner Building, the Custom House and Bowling Green, the Times Building, the Postal Telegraph Building, Federal Hall in snow, the New York Stock Exchange, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Washington Square Arch, Grant's Tomb, the Presbyterian Hospital, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. There is also a photograph of the construction of the Flatiron Building and an aerial photograph of the Flatiron Building.

This series has been scanned in its entirety.

Box Folder
6 10 Airplanes, undated
6 11-16 Ancient Art, undated
(6 folders)
6 17 Austria, undated
6 18-27 The Bible, undated
(10 folders; Oversized items housed in OV 12)
6 28-37 The Bible, undated
(10 folders; Oversized items housed in OV 12)
6 38-47 The Bible, undated
(10 folders; Oversized items housed in OV 12)
6 48-57 The Bible, undated
(10 folders; Oversized items housed in OV 12)
6 58-64 The Bible, undated
(7 folders; Oversized items housed in OV 12)
6 65 Buildings, undated
6 66 Burma, undated
6 67 Chicago World's Fair, 1933
6 68 Clothing, undated
6 69-70 Connecticut, undated
(2 folders)
6 71 Crafts, undated
6 72 French Cathedral, 1952
(negatives only; not scanned)
6 73 Greece, undated
6 74-79 New York City, undated
(6 folders; oversized items housed in Box 8)
6 80 Romania, undated
6 81 Virginia, undated
8 (sol) Five Photographs of Art Work and Miscellaneous Views of New York City, undated

(Scanned with Box 6, F74-79)

OV 12 Oversized Photograph of Painting of Mary and the Christ Child, undated

(Scanned with Box 6, F18-24)