Image Rights and Reproductions

All requests will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received.

To order a copy of an image, review the image reproduction fee information below, and then email the following information to

  1. An outline of the project or interest that prompts the request. If the request is for a publication, please include the publication type, author, title, publisher, publication date, and print run (volume/issue number if applicable).
  2. Intended use of the image(s) and, if applicable, location within publication (interior or cover) and whether or not Internet use is being requested.
  3. Copy of the image(s) and specific location information (limited to 10 items or less if new scans are required*). Include the name of the collection (e.g. the Joseph Cornell Papers), plus one or more of the following:
    • Digital ID number from our website (see Image Gallery), or
    • Microfilm reel and frame numbers, or
    • Faxed copy of the image, or
    • Fully digitized collections: series and title, box and folder, plus image number (appears directly beneath the thumbnail)
  4. Any time constraints that should be considered. We are currently working on a 4 to 6 week image delivery schedule. Rush service is not available.
  5. Your contact information: name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and (if applicable) fax number.

NOTE: Documents, photographs, art work, microfilm, recordings, and transcripts owned by the Archives of American Art may be protected by copyright, trademark, or a related interest not owned by the Archives: it is the responsibility of the applicant to determine whether any such rights exist, and to obtain necessary permission for use.

*Once a request for new scans has been submitted, you are expected to make full payment for the resulting digital files. Your order cannot be modified or cancelled once material has been submitted to our scanning queue.

Image Reproduction Fees

These fees directly support our collections and projects. All fees are per image, and include a high resolution, publication-quality digital image file, with the exception of the Website/Online/Digital Application files, which are optimized for screen viewing at 72 ppi.

Student, personal, research and classroom use
Students & Smithsonian Fellows Personal, Research, & Classroom Use

Five single digitized images free per year for academic research and non-published papers, including graduate thesis or dissertation.

Valid credentials and details of paper, or project, must be provided. We reserve the right to review all requests of this nature to determine whether or not they fit the criteria.

$25 per image

Not for reproduction or duplication of any kind.

Books, Exhibition Catalogs, CD-ROMS, DVDs, & CDs
Print run of 5,000 or less Print run of 5,001 – 10,000 Print run of 10,001 or more
Interior $75 Interior $150 Interior $200
Cover $100 Cover $200 Cover $400
Re-use 50% Re-use 75% Re-use 75%
All accompanying E-Books, CD-ROMS, DVDs, & CDs +$25 All accompanying E-Books, CD-ROMS, DVDs, & CDs +$50 All accompanying E-Books, CD-ROMS, DVDs, & CDs +$75
Magazines, Journals, & Newspapers
Circulation of 50,000 or less Circulation of 50,001 – 100,00 Circulation of 100,001 or more
Interior $50 Interior $100 Interior $150
Cover $100 Cover $200 Cover $300
Internet +$25 Internet +$50 Internet +$100
Non-Profit Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, & Non-Magazine/Newspaper Printed Advertising
Non-Profit Commercial (up to 50,000 copies*)
Interior $25 (up to 50,000 copies*) Interior $50
Cover $50 (up to 50,000 copies*) Cover $100
Posters $200 (limit 100) N/A
*Each additional 50,000 copies, or portion thereof, + 100%
Temporary Traveling Permanent Signage
$100 (+ $50 for related Internet or promotional use) $150 (+ $50 for related Internet or promotional use) $200 (+ $50 for related Internet or promotional use) $100 (+ $50 for related Internet or promotional use)
Website/Online/Digital Applications*
Non-Profit Commercial
$50 $100
*Please note that delivered files will be optimized for screen viewing at 72 ppi, no watermark
Television Broadcast (does not include newscast or news-related programs)
Broadcast only Broadcast & All Media
$100 (+ $50 for related Internet use) $200 (includes DVD, Internet, educational, and promotional use)
Non-Broadcast/Non-Theatrical Feature
$50 $100
+$25 for related Internet use +$50 for related Internet use
+$25 for DVD +$50 for DVD

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